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Aparências do BSPlayer
Keep It Simple S...kin
Criado por: frapan
Keep It Simple S...kin
Total de votos: 1122
Keep It Simple S...kin
Downloads: 70933
Comentários: 21
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May 10, 2006
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Keep It Simple S...kin
by guest, Dec 26, 2015
The Best. Der Beste Skin.Alle Funktionen bestens abrufbar.10 Punkte.
6 years later - still the best for me
by guest, Mar 24, 2013
It passed the test of time for me, I guess. Great job, thanks for sharing - 5/5.
Smack-dab what I was lokoing for-ty!
by guest, Feb 10, 2013
Smack-dab what I was lokoing for-ty!
It's the best and powerful skin for Bsplayer!
by guest, Jan 8, 2011
After 5 years later, it's still the best skin for Bsplayer. Because you can use ALL CONTROLS from this skin. Especially detailed subtitle properties like move up and down, size, synchronize, on/off. It's so minimalistic but so powerful.
The best!
by guest, Nov 27, 2010
I use this skin since i have the bs player, and i think it's realy the best! :)
by guest, Jan 4, 2010
Der Beste Skin.Ohne jeden Zweifel.10+
still love this skin
by guest, Jun 9, 2009
the first skin I used for bs player v1 and I will continue to use this for the most recent version
by guest, Mar 15, 2009
Three years later and still the best.
Excelent The Best !!!
by guest, Jan 10, 2009
Excelent The Best !!! Simple,Efective, acomplish. Este é o melhor skin, ele não tem um visual dos mais bonitos, mas, é completo extremamente eficiente e prático, voce tem todas as possivilidades de uso no próprio skin. Se quer frescura e beleza pegue outro, se quer eficiência
by guest, Sep 19, 2008
THE BEST skin but it realy need a facelift! Mabe in black and original blue of bsplayer, will be good.
Great! It combines simplicity with practicality!(G
by guest, Sep 15, 2008
Congratulations! Your skin is excellent, visual simple, very practical, dotted with facilities, genial. It houses within it the complexity of simplicity. Brazil Parabéns! Seu skin é excelente, visual simples, extremamente prático,salpicado de facilidades, genial. Abriga em si
by guest, Aug 19, 2008
Yes, the best skin..
Pro\\\'s choice
by guest, May 30, 2008
All at hand... no need to browse trough menues to reach what you really need... my favorite!
Some Problems Need to be Fixed
by guest, Dec 22, 2007
Lots of features but I often have a bug report closing bsplayer and it comes from this skin because with others no problems ! Perhaps the author of this nice skin can fix this...
Try to beat that!
by guest, Dec 19, 2007
Sorry, folks, but, forget your poor ideas about the skin - THAT's No.1 Beg your pardon...
Still the best
by guest, Jul 30, 2007
An old veteran, but still the best!
all U need
by guest, Jun 12, 2007
chosen for the 2nd time as the best
Wonderful skin!
by guest, Apr 2, 2007
Thank you that's the best skin i ve installed. Goodwork. But i may reccomend some additional work such as installing the same theme to playlist or equalizer sections. I repeat that is the best!!!
by guest, Mar 9, 2007
The BEST skin for BsPlayer. Ever. Period.
by guest, Feb 18, 2007
I've installed BSplayer about 7 times and for dozens of friends and I ALWAYS recommend this skin. It's by far the best and most funcional skin out there if you don't care for fancy graphics and all
by guest, Jan 18, 2007
all the buttons you need in front of you'r eys. Face lift is needed.