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BSamp 5.5
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Download Fonts Installer in: and extract to c:windows/fonts
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Jan 23, 2008
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Not many fonts are free, but there are many design
by guest, Oct 14, 2012
Not many fonts are free, but there are many designs ailbaavle for downloading that may have a few and other for sale.You need to know the format of your embroidery machine. If the designs do not come in the format you need, there is a free software program where you can convert to the format needed.Set up a folder on the hard drive of your PC and name it embroidery downloads.Select the designs you want to download these are usually referred to as files.Save to your embroidery folder.Most downloads are zipped it will look like a file with a zipper. To unzip, mouse over the design file to highlight.A mini screen will come onto the screen. Select open, unzip or extract. This is the file you will be working with and the zipped file can be deleted.If you need to convert the format, downl