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BSPlayer Preobleke
ustvaril: Seigo
Glasov skupno: 701
Prenosi: 93367
Komentarji: 10
May 10, 2006
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Muy bueno
by guest, Nov 2, 2016
Potente, práctico y muy completo.
El mejor
by guest, Oct 14, 2016
Para sacar todo el jugo de bsplayer
by guest, Sep 20, 2016
Aconsejo probarlo, no querras otro; sencillo, práctico y funcional.
by guest, Aug 17, 2015
Simple, practical and very functional, there is none better.
best bsplayer skin
by guest, Jan 11, 2010
best bsplayer skin i 've ever used. easy to use and elegant. taki.
Excellent Skin
by guest, May 3, 2007
I'm not the author :) This is a very good skin. I especially like the full screen skin at the bottom; stretches fully across and provides ample control buttons. I would like to see the lettering just a little bit brighter. Us old folks need all the help we can get.
by guest, Mar 2, 2007
I voted once, does that count? :D
by guest, Mar 2, 2007
Ehh don't you get it? He obviously voted for him self 300 times
by guest, Feb 27, 2007
...and now it has 339 votes, so where is the problem?
by guest, Feb 27, 2007
Intresting, last week this skin had about 50 votes =/ Sad by the author