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Media player BS.Player 2.28 is out!

BS.Player FREE, PROlite and PRO 2.28.962 introduces following features and improvements:

  • two subtitles can now be displayed simultaneously
  • added option to seek to nearest keyframe (for AVI and MKV files)
  • added native support for APE file format (Monkey's Audio)
  • added native support for FLAC file format
  • some ML and PL improvements
  • DVD subtitles under VISTA with EVR didn't work, fixed
  • fixed problems with some rar archives (when file name was NAME.partNNN.rar), it will now be played properly
  • fixed problem with EVR renderer on Vista, when Aero was disabled picture was not filtered (pixelated)
  • on Windows Vista after Preferences window was closed all custom programs returned to default (Web browser, e-mail client...), fixed      
  • fixed crash when opening old-style playlist if Media library was opened
  • some types of embedded ASS subtitles were not properly detected, fixed