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BSPlayer Preobleke
ustvaril: BSjohnny wayne
Glasov skupno: 85
Based on quicktime player
Prenosi: 115264
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Feb 7, 2009
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Clean And Simple
by guest, Apr 5, 2013
Thanks for this skin. I love clean and simple skins. Minimalistic and perfect.
Thanks for feedback
by guest, Mar 15, 2010
It take more than a year to finally get some feedback. I'll update skin and make repairs you mentioned as soon as possible aswell add some extra features. Please folks tell me what extra functions would you like to see in Quicktime Reloaded (aka Quicktime2) skin. Do u want to different color themes? (i had in mind white and black). Pls comment folks! Thanks!
by guest, Mar 4, 2010
I like it, but, please update it. - BSplayer text and/or filename (on window top) to be moved as much on the left. - when a filename is very long, it is displayed also below minimize/ maximize buttons. - center the volume icon on the volume tray/slider. Now, the icon it's a little low. - lengthen the volume tray. Thank you