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BSPlayer Preobleke
bozzony (1680x1050px)
ustvaril: Predrag Bozovic
bozzony (1680x1050px)
Glasov skupno: 149
In options/preferences/general set PAUSE MOVIE ON SINGLE CLICK & unset SHOW MAIN WINDOW ON SINGLE CLICK, so you have play/pause in fullscreen mode by using mouse-click.
Simple, I just customized both skins to my needs in 1680x1050px.

Last update: 28.5.2007
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May 23, 2007
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RE fullscreen
by guest, Aug 24, 2007
Volume button you have in fullscreen mode on ROLLER, and time you can set in OPTIONS/ PREFERENCES/ VIDEO/ OSD OPTIONS !
full screen
by guest, Aug 4, 2007
this is great skin, only in full screen is missing time and volume button, otherwise the best skin for now
by guest, Jun 2, 2007
Cisto malo, Lane moje ovo, ono...
by guest, Jun 1, 2007
Odlican rad zemljace ! Bravo ! Pozdrav BG
by Predrag Bozovic, May 24, 2007
Finally those buttons are perfectly suite with BSPLAYER (pause on single click) settings!
OK, you won on one way WMP11 Fan!
by guest, May 24, 2007
I toggled PLAY/PAUSE and put OPEN MOVIE instead of PAUSE button.
Author doesn’t like BRANDS, my dear „WMP11 fan”!
by guest, May 23, 2007
But I like the way how they become BRAND by using so many functioning reasons. My reason is that I needed skin for 1680x1050px full screen resolution, I did it so I share it. Two buttons remind me on eyes (:
WMP11 Fan
by guest, May 23, 2007
This skin is not bad but I do not like the fact that you have used two separate buttons for Play and Pause. It really ruins the WMP11 look. WMP11 has one toggle button that changes between Play and Pause. The thick trackbar is not native to WMP11 either. Apart from those thin