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Vista WMP11 final
created by: lukas okmis    More by this author (4 skins)
Vista WMP11 final
Total votes: 999
A lot of functions in WMP11 style. Tryied to make it as clean as possible. I updated on the 12 january 2007, now the skin contains a fullscreen bar. Next update: 28 january 2007 - made an multi language interface(besides a few buttons) Added a Pan scan button, made a little tweaking on the play/pause button. Minimize button does not only hide the main window, but it really minimizes. I think its worth updating. If this is too much features for you - check out Vista WMP11 reduced! Cheers.
Downloads: 366035
Comments: 48
Jan 4, 2007
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by guest, Apr 23, 2024
Power thema
by guest, Apr 23, 2024
Incan üşeneceğim time it powerb thema
Ricardo Ruiz Tellez
by guest, Nov 28, 2021
- El Skin mas funcional que puedas encontrar usado desde que conocí el reproductor, una joya. - The most functional Skin that you can find used since I met the player, a gem.
You rock
by guest, Sep 12, 2017
This skin is the only reason why I prefer bsplayer over vlc, been using it for so many years and every time I go to vlc I lack to comfort that this skin gives with subtitle manipulations.
by lukas okmis, Sep 29, 2015
Thanks for the nice comments! Im still using it myself :)
The best
by guest, Sep 12, 2015
Despite the fact it is 8 years old, I haven't found anything more functional and convenient as this one.
by guest, Feb 6, 2015
Clear & efficient (to me)
by guest, Mar 11, 2012
I have just installed almost 300 BSZ skins, and yours my favourite ! (Fullscreen support + distinct bars + well-chosen buttons + clean graphics - credits to Microsoft WMP 11 b.t.w.). Thank you Lukas Okmis !
re: help
by guest, Oct 27, 2011
Create new folder in bs player/skins, copy all files of rar and choose skin in program ;)
Too many compliments too ltlite space, thanks!
by guest, Oct 7, 2011
Too many compliments too ltlite space, thanks!
by guest, Feb 21, 2011
Really good with projector!
by guest, Oct 5, 2010
Only .bmp files.What to do ?
by guest, Apr 10, 2009
Wow, thanks for that! Lukas
by guest, Jan 16, 2009
really great with a few very handy options in the main window... great great! thanks very much!
by guest, Jan 3, 2009
acabo de descargarlo, lo pruebo y comento
Sorry for comment
by guest, Oct 10, 2008
I do not like vista tough, thought was skin just like it for 'old XP bummer.
good ,not perfect
by guest, Oct 10, 2008
Haven't seen a skin so functional lasting for years . very good indeed .
Beauty wid brain.....
by guest, Sep 9, 2008
d best skin ihv ever seen.....and most functional also.....
My name is Hernán from Chile
by guest, Jun 26, 2008
Solo quiero decirle ¡¡Bravo!!. I just wana say ¡¡Bravo!!
Meu nome é Jonas, sou brasileiro
by guest, Apr 25, 2008
Eu adoro esse player, pois ele é muito pratico para reproduzir videos. Parabéns ao criador desse programas Obrigado!!!!!
by Lukas Simko, Apr 9, 2008
ta WMP11 transparent. This skin is not under construction anymore. No changes will be made. Thanks again!
by Lukas Simko, Apr 9, 2008
I really have to thank everybody for the nice comments and support! After a year this skin climbed to the position of most downloaded skins, which happened only beacuse of YOU! I made a kind of "celebration" skin for this event -- a goofy version of this skin. Its called Vis
Position Bar Suggestion
by guest, Apr 9, 2008
Hi! The skin is great, on the whole. Slick & functional at the same time, with good plain contrast on the controls, and great selection of tools. There's two suggestions I'd make. First, make the "position bar" thicker so it's easier to grab. Except for the position ba
by guest, Mar 2, 2008
Congratulations, you did great! The main and better functions you put in its face, the skin looks beautiful and still simple! I appreciate your effort in dispose controls about subtitles and quick jumps of seconds, these are trully useful for everyone today. There is no button
by guest, Jan 22, 2008
Not bad, i like this skin.
Very nice
by guest, Jan 22, 2008
All useful controls in one bar. I like it! ...but, don't you want to make a red one?
by guest, Nov 29, 2007
Very nice and functional. Thank's!!!
by guest, Nov 18, 2007
nice work but..
by guest, Jun 6, 2007
it feels weird for me to have my bsplayer look like wmp lol I found bsplayer while searching for a reliable wmp replacement which would be bs + winamp heh
Great Skin
by guest, Apr 3, 2007
It is very beautiful skin I use the other one too and they are the only one that I use.Is it possible that you make skin without BS logo?It is not so nice on that beautiful skin.Thank you once again for great skin Mick
Sorry for the bug
by lukas okmis, Feb 25, 2007
I have no idea, why it shouldnt me, we can figure it out! Maybe an older version of the skin will work - i made some tweaking with the play button...
Getting the skin with the EQ
by lukas okmis, Feb 25, 2007
email me.
Small edit - Equalizer button added
by lukas okmis, Feb 25, 2007
Its not something that Im proud of, so Im not uploading it here. But hey, it works !
Beautiful but ...
by guest, Feb 21, 2007
I have a bug :s I don't have the play button and its fonction :s ... I'm so sad :(
by guest, Feb 17, 2007
@+1 to the request to add a toggle button to switch between formats (4:3, 16/9,anamorphic, original). Actually, its already there...a pan scan button... BS logo stays on this one, the reduced version
beautiful :)
by guest, Feb 17, 2007
very nice indeed. +1 to the request to add a toggle button to switch between formats (4:3, 16/9,anamorphic, original). There is plenty of room next to the X (panscan button) +1 to remove the BS log
by guest, Feb 15, 2007
PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it s OK my friend
by guest, Feb 14, 2007
this soft is realy good for my desktop. very well man, very well
It's great!
by guest, Feb 12, 2007
The skin’s really nice, but you should consider adding a button for the equalizer.
Nicely done!
by guest, Feb 6, 2007
I like the fullscreen mode! it looks nice. good job.
damn great
by guest, Jan 25, 2007
great job. all info i need is on screen, nice style. congratz!
Pan scan
by guest, Jan 24, 2007
All right, will look at it.
by guest, Jan 23, 2007
I love it. Very nice full screen bar. would you consider adding a button to switch aspect ratio (original,16:9, 4:3, anamorphic).
Full screen
by guest, Jan 23, 2007
I will learn read :D
Full screen
by guest, Jan 23, 2007
Full screen window plz. It's good, by the way!
by guest, Jan 14, 2007
Quote: Too much and remove bs icon to the upper right, imo Look at my vista WMP11 reduced skin...its got a lot less functions!
WMP 11...1.k
by guest, Jan 13, 2007
WMP11 is having the most nice skin...
by guest, Jan 4, 2007
To much and remove bs icon to the upper right, imo