New version of BS.Player is released!

Version 2.52.1028 includes:

  • sometimes rared vobsub subtitles were not loaded
  •  fixed subtitle editor bugs with new subtitle parser/renderer
  • problem with frame capture with EVR and JPG file format
  • bug with adding external audio files with MKV files
  • text display in full screen skin with UTF8 language files
  • proxy configuration in codec manager
  • 'stealing focus' bug if 'Auto hide main window' option was set
  • problem with local codec system, dll was loaded from system installed folder, instead local (ffdsow, libavcodec)
  • when 'Always add all files in current directory to playlist' was checked and file with unregistered extension was dragged to player, it was ignored, fixed
  • crash in subtitle editor
  • some other bug fixes

  • option to save downloaded subtitles
  • option to define subtitle font sizes for different resolutions
  • shortcut for 16:10 aspect ratio
  • some improvements to local codec system