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Ecko Black & Blue by Nosferatu!!
създаден от: Jose Fco. Muñoz    Още от същия автор (14 визуални стилове)
Ecko Black & Blue by Nosferatu!!
Общо гласове: 90
Skin Basada en el Logotipo de la marca Eckö, con un fondo azul y negro ademas de un poco de tiempo libre
Изтегляния: 105284
Коментари: 3
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Jul 14, 2008
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by guest, Jul 16, 2008
First off you should ask permission before you use others work, there is a sample skin in the forum that you could use as a base. I use Photoshop for creating bmps, you could also use Paint Shop Pro.
C'mon give a chance...
by guest, Jul 15, 2008
Hey man, give a little of chance i actually be start in this, i mean, i try made something bymiself but i don't know wich software i can use to made the buttons... you can help me... thanks!... Sorry for my too bad english
Rip Off
by guest, Jul 15, 2008
Maybe you should try something original instead of ripping off other peoples work.