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Big Mama v2..00
създаден от: John Smith
Big Mama v2..00
Общо гласове: 1691
If you use BSplayer for your HTPC and regular skins are too small for your taste here you have big skin 1280 px wide.
v2.00 features skinned Medialib and skinned Playlist
Изтегляния: 152900
Коментари: 14
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Dec 15, 2010
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b9KRc7 tfcygtpxkvbw
by guest, Dec 25, 2012
b9KRc7 tfcygtpxkvbw
Peas & Carrots
by guest, Apr 3, 2011
First thing I thought was, "Mama told me to get my vegetables!" Thanks for the lovely reminder 'bout what my Mama says.
by guest, Feb 26, 2011
arata bine
by guest, Feb 26, 2011
I don't know how to install this skin, can anyone help me?? I already downloaded it but I can't find the aplication to Install! :S
by guest, Feb 26, 2011
Me aparecen muchos items pero no veo la aplicacion para instalarlo :S
by guest, Feb 15, 2011
by John Smith, Jan 13, 2011
I am not aware that BSplayer skins can be resizable. At least I searched the forums and did not find any reference to it. Also this is my first skin but I don't think I am going to produce anymore, the Skinning features are mostly primitve and the support is almost non-existent.
great skin !! Size
by guest, Jan 9, 2011
Adjustable size of the skin would be cool. I t has everything I want
by guest, Jan 6, 2011
I love it Can u make same skin but in normal size
by guest, Jan 3, 2011
thank you
by guest, Jan 3, 2011
Been waiting for a skin like this a long time. 10x
by guest, Dec 20, 2010
Been waiting for a skin like this a long time. 10x
by guest, Dec 18, 2010
Thank it a BIGskin 4 real
by guest, Dec 16, 2010
badiya haiiiiiii