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Spotify Theme
Spotify Theme
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Stylish skin with Spotify outfit.

If you have a suggestion on how to modify the skin just let me know. And also leave a comment if you happen to like this. :)

I tried to make this skin as simple as possible and stick to the spotify theme. I've had enough of these skins with millions of buttons most of which you never use.

I hope you guys like this! :)
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Nov 8, 2010
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disable minimize button
by guest, Mar 10, 2011
minimize icon does not work. I hope more wider interface( or mouse drag extent).
tell us how to make pls skinning, please.
by guest, Dec 21, 2010
i am VERY interested in your method on skinning playlist, what are these two files in skin, and how can i implement playlist skinning in my own, personal skin?
by Jan Leander, Dec 1, 2010
Simple and beautiful, goodjob! For improvements I would suggest to add the repeat functions to the playlist (or the player but I would prefer the playlist if you can), I like to shuffle my music but I can't do that with your skin :)
by guest, Nov 30, 2010
very nice! thenks! but main window long)
by J R, Nov 27, 2010
Hi you all! I'm the creator of this skin. Please help the development and leave a comment if you like the skin or if you would want any improvements. Thanks! :)
by guest, Nov 25, 2010
Great job combining the simplicity and the usability of Spotify in this skin! It looks as great! And the work with media library is awesome, for example the video and cover image preview as in Spotify. In all of this simplicity I actually don't miss any other funktion or button.