Marto BSPlayer Skin
作成者  : Martin Marinov
Marto BSPlayer Skin
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Marto's BSPlayer Skin. It has a modern and stylish shiny metal look. It's handy and intuitive.
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May 21, 2009


Hey yourself :)
by guest, Jun 6, 2009
According to the forums, the way to skin the EQ, PL and ML (until the skin maker makes it possible to actively skin those elements), is to modify the base skin for those elements (to match your theme, presumably). As for consolidating the Play and Pause buttons (so that they switch while the media is playing, or paused? that would be so great!), good luck working it out-- I'll be waiting. It *is* a really nice little skin (especially for being your first), and I'll be happy to see it reach its full potential :) .
by guest, Jun 5, 2009
That's my first skin :) If I figure out how to combine the play and the pause button into one I'll do it. I used the BSP SkinMaker v1.07 and as far as I know it cannot skin the EQ window for example.
Pretty, but misses a few things
by guest, Jun 2, 2009
I think this skin is very attractive, and I especially enjoy the fact that it is in part purple (since purple is the color scheme of my desktop, and very few skins utilize it as a major part of their color scheme). However, it is unfortunate that only the main window (and the full screen drop-down main window) is skinned, and none of the other auxilliary windows (EQ, Playlist, Media Library). I also feel that while the skin is for the most part quite functional (most, if not all, of the major sub-function buttons are indeed available, which is nice), small issues like the lack of a Pause button (!!) come close to overshadowing the skin's general usefulness. Overall, my feeling is that the skin is nice as it is (nice enough that I'll probably keep using it) but not quite "finish