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BS.Player Skins
created by: Joni Johansson    More by this author (3 skins)
Total votes: 399
My mod/converting of the default skin for Zoom Player v5.00, and is a property of Inmatrix LTD (Inmatrix Graphics Designer to be more speficic)
Avant Garde LT CAPS font doesn't follow.

LAST UPDATED: 27.2.2007
Downloads: 93044
Comments: 19
Jan 2, 2007
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by guest, Dec 3, 2013
Love it, well done .. Greeting from Saudi Arabia ..
Best skin i've seen soo far
by guest, May 5, 2012
Best skin i've seen soo far, made me install BSpLayer again for my familys computer. Greetings from Roma!
by guest, May 19, 2010
Been using this skin for over three years. Simple, functional, not too big, just what I like in a woma... uh, skin.
by guest, Mar 31, 2010
Proves that a BSPlayer skin doesn't have to be the size of a forest moon, and does so in style. Easily the best skin I've seen.
by guest, Sep 15, 2009
Wow, I can't believe this is not in the top 10. Finally a usefull skin. Well done
by guest, Dec 24, 2008
greetings from moscow. really great skin!
best skin
by Michael Hack, Mar 8, 2008
I think this is the best skin from all. And if there would be skin for more componets like playlist, fullscreen skin, eyualizer..., it would be almost perfect skin. good work.
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by guest, Aug 9, 2007
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very nicely done
by guest, Jun 13, 2007
this skin convinced me to install bsplayer! thank you joni!
by guest, May 17, 2007
by Joni Johansson, Feb 7, 2007
As you can see i made a small update
Great job
by guest, Feb 6, 2007
Simple and beautiful .Great job
by guest, Feb 6, 2007
Simple and beautiful .Great job
by Joni Johansson, Feb 6, 2007
An update has been made (with play/pause button + minor bug fixes), go to skins start page to view.
by Joni Johansson, Jan 17, 2007
Thank you guys :) appreciate it
by guest, Jan 17, 2007
finally a good looking skin :D:D
by guest, Jan 17, 2007
Did this very well, keep up
Nice Skin
by guest, Jan 10, 2007
Very cool. :-)
by Joni Johansson, Jan 2, 2007
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