Radoslav - 8-Sep-2012 - HTC One S

Always BS player...

From my first pc till my first Android.

Stephen - 8-Sep-2012 - Toshiba AT100

Great player

This is a great player. This one is free and want to say thank you. only gave it 4 stars because thats the best i ever give. Everything can be or get better. I know this player will get better. The best one ive tried so far. Im going to upgrade to the paid one after i make sure it keeps up and running right. It even streams my WMC recorded shows. 4 to 5 gig files! Great job!

Sam - 8-Sep-2012 - Motorola Droid RAZR

Easily the best

Plays everything

AETAaAS - 8-Sep-2012 - Asus Nexus 7


Love the recent update. I am impressed with the ability to play 10 bit 720p h264 files with ease on my Nexus 7. Play speed control a nice bonus. :)

Biswarup - 8-Sep-2012 -

Simply AMAZING quality

Compared with all other apps on the market, none stands anywhere near the quality this player presents for the videos, be it mp4, mkv or divx!

SoulSmasher - 8-Sep-2012 - HTC One X

Samba share stream

Only player around which supports samba share stream, works flawlessly

LOVE - 8-Sep-2012 - Samsung Galaxy S2

Best player ever!!

Grt features like pop up play which worked flawlessly.... Just one thing.... pop up should work after hitting a button on main screen may be just besides the lock button....

Ghostrider - 8-Sep-2012 - Samsung Galaxy S2

Give it any type,format,style media you have and it will play it.To sweeten the deal it downloads subtitles too!!!

sripalasingham - 8-Sep-2012 - Samsung Galaxy S3

The best movie app

This the best app for movies and it works on almost all known extenstions

Himanshu - 8-Sep-2012 - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Awesome player!

Plays almost everything without any problem. Very happy with this player. Definitely the best I have seen on the Play Store

Pupils - - SEMC Xperia Arc S


Wao performance, no other can run so fast