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Skin-uri BSPlayer
Created with BSP SkinMaker (by Tizio)
creat de: Aron
Created with BSP SkinMaker (by Tizio)
Total voturi: 66
Created with BSP SkinMaker (by Tizio)
Download-uri: 33946
Comentarii: 3
May 10, 2006
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My all time favorie skin
by guest, Nov 26, 2018
I first downloaded this skin on a lark 10 or 11 years ago because I was struck by how unapologetically crude it was. I originally intended to keep it just for a couple of days before moving on to something fancy and sleek, but actually wound up using it on every computer I've had since then and would never dream of replacing it. I guess I fell in love with this one because the buttons and sound/volume bars are very big and easy to hit even on small screens, which is something most of the fancy skins out there can't brag about. I can't think of BSPlayer without associating it with this look anymore!
Skin title: Lamesketch (continued)
by guest, May 8, 2007
...Been a while since I checked up on the skin here.. just wanted to say that.. Enjoy... -Aron
Skin title: Lamesketch
by guest, May 8, 2007
Ah, yes, nice skin title you guys made.. "Created with BSP SkinMaker..." correct as it may be, I think I had a hand in that.. As do the skin "SketchAmp" for WinAmp, which I was inspired by. Admittingly this is not a flawless skin... just a quickie really... Been a whil